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Why You Do What You Do: Guild Leadership

I have touched a little on the subject of why I play MMO’s in my About section, but Battlechicken’s ‘Why You Do What You Do’ Challenge for the folks participating in the Newbie Blogger Initiative got me really thinking about what draws me to the roles I inevitably find myself filling in-game. I’ve talked a bit in previous posts about my love-hate relationship with guild leadership, for example, but I don’t think I’ve ever really sat down and thought about why I do it.

From as far back as I can remember, it’s always ended up being out of necessity that I find myself with the ability to boot shitheads from the roster. Way back in Vanilla I was in a guild that my now husband led. He was a terrible guild master, and as one of the few officers who was active, I found myself doing most of the work. It was either that, or watch the guild fall apart. Back then I didn’t know anything about guild management or the issues that come with it, just that we needed people and /2 advertising was working a treat.  I can’t say it was too much of a surprise when <Morality Shift> disbanded at the start of  The Burning Crusade.

A good year before the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, Disconcur and I were all loved up and living together. We’d drifted onto a new server and found ourselves in <Is Out Of Mana>. Being the only rogue on the roster, I became Class Leader by default. We spent close to two years here, and our time in this guild was hands down, without a doubt the best time I’ve ever had. The guild master, Caterpillar, showed me that this game is at it’s best when it’s about the people, not the purple pixels. If there is anyone I could call a mentor in World of Warcraft, it would be him. Life takes strange turns though; he left the game unexpectedly, and the small band of real life friends who had followed us to <Is Out Of Mana> decided it was time for us to part ways and create an Aussie version of the guild we all loved so much.

I was such a pretty Night Elf, before the...incident.

I was leveling in Westfall when the proposal was put to me. I would be guild master of <West Oz Elite>. Sigh, such a terrible name!  Perhaps that’s why we had such a hard time fielding members? We were a small guild of real life friends, and we struggled hard on a low population server with our distinctly off-peak raid times. We managed to knock off a total of five bosses in Ulduar, and we spent forever wiping on Marrowgar because our roster was so diluted. Back before the luxury of guild transfer and without a hint of research besides a friends’ insistent recommendation, I up and left for Blackrock.

“Grab the credit card and prep your toons for major plastic surgery! We’re transferring to Blackrock Horde. Lok’tar Ogar!”

It was here on Blackrock that I really defined what kind of environment I wanted to play in. First there was the successful progression guild that was full of nothing but nasty little men, and women who worshiped them. Then there was the guild that was chasing after it’s tail. Once the last of our members transferred or re-rolled, I’d had enough of the endless search to find a guild that suited us, and thus, <Concur> was born.

I think that was a long-winded way of saying I do what I do because as the old proverb goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”. I am by no means doing it “right”, but these people — these real life friends that I’ve since moved away from — are important to me, and I want to keep killing internet dragons with them. It may be self important to think this, but had I declined to lead <West Oz Elite> all those years ago, it’s likely that none of this would have come to be. That thought is not a pleasant one, and it’s why I’m back at the helm of Concur. I play for the people, not the pixels, and if that means I have to keep steering the ship, then so be it.

Have you ever found yourself filling a role out of necessity? Did you grow to like it, or did you run away screaming?

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2 thoughts on “Why You Do What You Do: Guild Leadership

  1. “Playing for the people, not the pixels.” That’s a great answer to “Why?” I’ve never been a guild leader, and I can’t imagine the responsibility. It’s why I respect good GM’s and officers!

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