Transmog Tournament

It’s Back! Announcing the November Transmog Tournament

Presenting the November Transmog Tournament Theme: Spring Fashion!

Hey folks! Firstly, I want to apologise for massively dropping the ball when it came to last month’s competition and indeed with updating in general. Disconcur and I were working on this amazing escape plan that would allow us to flee the desert and head back to the coast, but alas, life is cruel and we will be residing in here in Hell Alice Springs for a long time to come. The good news is that I’m over feeling sorry for myself and things should start returning to normal around here. Hooray!

We are in the throes of Spring here in Australia, and I can safely say it’s my favourite time of year. The days are warmer, the air is heavy with the scent of flowers, and love is blossoming… Oh, who am I kidding? I only love Spring because of Spring Racing Carnival – a time where young and old get drunk on champagne and throw their money away on horses, all while wearing amazing hats and pretending to have class. Since I will not be placing any bets, or even attending any meets to admire some of the classic/tragic attire that is always on display at such events, I am going to live vicariously through you, the amazing ‘mog’ community! That’s right, folks, grab your brightest frock and your boldest helm, we’re going to the races!

The Fine Print

You have until 11.59am AEST on Friday, November 23 to put together an outfit that you think best describes “Spring Fashion – Azeroth Style” and get your entry in to me. You can do this by emailing me one screenshot, along with your character name and server name to neriapproves[at]gmail[dot]com.  You can also tweet the image to @nerisanda or share it with me on my Facebook page, but please don’t forget to include your character and server details.

Only screen shots of legitimate transmogrification items will be accepted — so no dressing room shots, MogIt or common items, please.

I will be posting a gallery once entries have closed, along with a poll for readers to vote on who they think did it best. This poll will be open until 11.59am AEST on Friday, November 30, at which time I will announce the winner!

“What will I win?” I hear you ask. Well, this month’s champion (Champion being whoever receives the highest amount of votes) will not only spend the month with their image (and link to their site, if applicable) in the “Transmog Champion” section on this site, but they will also receive a World of Warcraft Pet of their choice from the Blizzard store, to the value of $10.

Neri’s Lorelei’s Choice Award: I’m very excited to announce that Lorelei of Zazzy Mogs has kindly agreed to lend us her amazing eye for fashion and will be selecting the winner of this month’s Neri’s Choice Award! The winner will receive a  World of Warcraft Pet of their choice from the Blizzard store, to the value of $10.

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