Guild Leadership

The Purple Parlor Officers Lounge Ep01

Continuing on with my experiment in digital media, this week I have strayed from Youtube videos and have instead had a crack at my own podcast! This project is something that Casadella and I have been toying with for a while now, and finally it has come to life! It perhaps isn’t the smartest thing to start the first episode ever with my co-host missing, but hey. Who said I ever did things the easy way? ;)

  In this weeks episode, Neri addresses the issue of Dailies in World of Warcraft from a Guild Leaders perspective and offers advice to a guild member who is dealing with friction between those who are at Exalted and those who are taking a more casual approach to reputation and Valor gear.

Click the player above to listen. Alternatively, you can listen or download the episode via PodOmatic


Question One

Question Two

Track One: Drops of H2O ( The Filtered Water Treatment ) by J.Lang is licensed under a Attribution (3.0)

Track Two: Wired (cdk Dub and Bass mix) by cdk is licensed under a Attribution (3.0)

Track Three: Sinister Minds by Joevirus is licensed under a Attribution (3.0)

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