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Reluctant Resto Druid Vs. The Stone Guard

I was very proud of myself for sticking to my guns and not reverting back to Restoration. I have been having a great time running around and clawing things in the face as a kitty. I have even surprised myself and can almost hold up against the seasoned DPS veterans in our guild! Of course, I only got to attend one raid as a Kitty before the inevitable happened and my husband’s team found themselves down a handful of people at the last moment. No. No, no, no! Conscience, don’t do it! Don’t make me feel obligated to don the spirit gear once again. I swore off healing at the end of Catacylsm! Make them PuG!

Oh, %@#$…

This is how I feel every time I’m asked to heal.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

The healing set that I threw together was not a pretty one. Besides the the 40,000 gold I pillaged for the Relic of Chi Ji trinket, everything else was a mixture of PvP blues and a few random bits that I’d ended up with from heroics. The biggest issue I had was a weapon. Since I had already done the Arena of Annihilation, I was left with the Auction House. Um, yeah, the best I could come up with for a main hand weapon was a green dagger with an ilevel of 416. I genuinely felt for the other healers whose broad shoulders were probably not prepared to carry an incredibly under geared and very out of practice restoration druid. Through the sheer fluke of my Clique bindings still being saved and a healthy dose of muscle memory, I somehow managed to actually contribute and pull my weight! While we didn’t get the kill that night, I was impressed at how close we had come.

We headed back in the next week, this time with the full team. Well, almost a full team because of course one of the healers let us down again at the last minute. Three guesses who was picked to sub in! Thankfully I had scored a few extra pieces of loot during the week, including another epic trinket from LFR and a blue mace donated by a super awesome guildie to upgrade my terrible main hand weapon. I was still five points off from what we consider to be “raid ready” but they were either super desperate or super confident that my performance would be even better than last week, because they took me anyway.

Unenchanted pants? What a disgrace!

Reflecting on Restoration

After a few of those awful wipes at ridiculously low percentages, we got our guild first Stone Guard kill! I know, I know, we’re like a billion miles behind other guilds on our server, but hey! We’re still incredibly happy to have our first boss kill for Mists of Pandaria. Contrary to popular belief, I am not disenchanting my feral set and screaming, “RESTO4LYF!”. In fact, participating in both the Stone Guard kill and our wonderful attempts against Feng the Accursed have only confirmed what I suspected.

Druids still don’t have any real way to cope with burst raid damage, and Mushrooms are lame.

Even with the “improved” planting method, Mushrooms still feel awkward and fiddly. Not to mention that they are practically useless during the Stone Guard, as people are constantly on the move. I spent most of my time healing one of the tanks and sprinkling HoTs over the raid. I saved Tranquility for those moments where there were two overloads close together, and Incantation: Tree of Life came out to play when mana was tight. Boy was mana tight (Of course, that has more to do with my scrub gear and less to do with Restoration as a whole)!

I make my comment about burst raid damage not from my experiences with The Stone Guard, but rather from Feng the Accursed. Once I have used Tranquility to handle the initial Epicentre or a Draw Flame that is not being absorbed, I’m left with Wild Growth, Swiftmend (Which I always seem to feel more comfortable using on the tanks/melee) and my good mates Mushrooms. I just felt so lack luster when compared to my Mistweaver Monk and Holy Priest counterparts.

Yet more proof that I should not be left in charge of Kill Screencaps.

In Conclusion

I will freely admit that I am by no means an expert — hell I’ve barely even looked at any class guides for restoration since Mists of Pandaria was released — so please take my claims with a grain of salt! I certainly do not feel like restoration is broken or anything, but I won’t be doing a song and dance if I am asked to sub in as a healer again. Of course, the healer who never made it to a single raid has since decided to call it a day with World of Warcraft and now we are left with the fun job of trying to replace her. Sorry, Disconcur, but that replacement will not me! Restoration and I have fallen out of love. You will be much better off with someone else.

How are you finding healing in Mists of Pandaria so far? Has your class undergone a massive overhaul, or just a few tweaks and new spells here and there? Am I right or wrong about Mushrooms? Have your say in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Reluctant Resto Druid Vs. The Stone Guard

  1. Grats on your kill! Yay!

    I’m totally biased since I play Resto as main and love it to pieces, so y u not love Tree? :( But I know what it’s like to fall out of love with a spec, so I hope you don’t end up pressured into a role you no longer enjoy.

    Maybe it’s because I’m pretty well geared at the moment, but I don’t find a problem with Druid burst AoE healing — not any more than other specs at any rate. Stone Guard shouldn’t be very bursty anyway if your tanks are doing a good job with the boss swapping and people are avoiding standing in the bad. There should be very few (if any) Overloads that are unmitigated. I’m sure that as you guys get practice with the fight the damage will smooth out.

    However, you’re right that Mushrooms are completely useless on Stone Guard. There’s too much movement and people are spread out too much. I do use them on Feng quite a bit, (though less so now that we’ve got that on farm and people aren’t taking as much damage), because there are a lot of great stacking phases and usually you have time to pre-plant them in the designated stacking area. I don’t use Mushrooms on many other fights though… they’re pretty situational. So if you do find yourself roped into healing again don’t feel like you need to cram mushrooms into your rotation.

    • I still love Resto, and it’s definitely my favourite healing class, but it’s more a case of having played as a healer since Naxx 2.0 in Wrath and I just need a change! It made me a little sad that I could just slip right into the role again without feeling challenged. Well, I was challenged, but more by my scrub gear than anything else :P

      Aye, I use my Mushrooms for every Epicentre, Draw Flame etc, but I just feel disenchanted with them because I’ll pop them and watch in dismay as they barely make a difference to our health pools. Then our Monk will do something, and our priest will spam a few spells and suddenly everything is okay again. It was just frustrating to feel so….weak compared to the others. Once again, I admit that’s probably my gear though!

  2. Apparently Druid heals are the most underpowered in mists and shammy are the most powerfull .. So maybe Disconcur might have to pull on the resto set next time we need replacement heals and you can fill in the DPS? Just sayin’ ;-). But you are tops Neri you kept us alive when I thought we were going to die. It is always easy to fall back to what you have done b4 especially when you are good at it..

    • Haha, he has been toying with the idea of Resto, but he would really like a Paladin so that the team can have the Mastery buff and a strong tank healer. Hopefully Tusk can be convinced to fill the role!

      Thanks for your kind words! I’m pretty sure it was Beaves doing all the heavy lifting though. Nerf Mistweavers :P

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