Guild Leadership

The Purple Parlor Podcast: Episode 02 – Slacks and Totems

In this week’s episode of The Purple Parlor — A World of Warcraft Guild Management Podcast — Neri discusses whether or not a Guild Master who does not lead raids is seen as a negative, what to consider when putting together the “perfect” 10 man raid roster, and how to deal with members who are under performing.

And so the experiment continues! While my co-host appears to have abandoned me before we even got to publish a single episode together, I have not let that stop me from attempting to answer a few threads from the Raid and Guild Leadership forum! Four hours of editing and a whole bunch of mis-pronunciations later (They’re tokens, not totems, Neri! Gawd), episode two is now ready for your listening pleasure! Hit the play button below, or alternatively you can listen to or download this episode via PodOmatic.

If you have a question that you would like to hear me answer*, I would love to see it! You can either email me at, or you can use my super awesome “Ask Neri A Question” page to submit your question for the show.

*Please send me through questions! I feel so cheap using the forums :(

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Track One: Horizons by Teckno_Eddy
Track Two: Parametaphoriquement by gmz
Track Three: Cassettes by Nethis

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