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Fresh Feral Druid Vs. Feng the Accursed

After my post talking about how I healed for our guild first Stone Guard kill, I haven’t had to grab my spirit junk out of the wardrobe since. Which is amazing considering practically half the guild is either away on holidays, caught up in real life issues, or just plain old unreliable. Both teams had to really scrape the bottom of the barrel to get teams together last lockout and it showed, with neither team having the awareness or numbers to down the Stone Guard. When it came to Monday night, attendance was so dire that we ended up merging the two groups into one. What could have been an absolute disaster turned into a blessing in disguise, with not only the Stone Guard dying on the third attempt — a first kill for many of the people present — but we also nabbed our guild first Feng the Accursed kill on the final pull of the evening. I have no idea how I landed a spot on that team, but yours truly was there in all her technicolour glory for the kill.

“Battle Cat is waiting on standby! Wait, what? You actually need me? Sweet!”

Melee For Dummies

From a melee perspective, there is not a lot you need to stress about. During phase one, you simply need to pray that your tanks communicate who is doing what, which will determine your positioning. While the tanks were getting a handle on how to catch and utilise Lightning Fists (Don’t spam the macro! Don’t move when you click it! Make sure the other tank is not right on the boss as Lightning Fist is a Shockwave ability!) I found myself running to the centre of the room for the first Epicenter and popping my Tranquility to help ease the burden on the healers. If Lightning Fists are missed or not cast, melee need to stack on the tank who will be using Nullification Barrier. If you don’t, you will die and I will be cranky because I’m wasting my Rebirth so early in the fight :P If neither spell is available, you will need to run out of melee range and stack with everyone else for AoE heals. If this happens, be a champ and pop a mitigation cool down.

Phase Two is also fairly basic. If you have Wildfire Spark, get the hell away from everyone! If you don’t, you’ll dump your fire right at our feet and everyone will have a bad time. You will want to save your offensive cooldowns for the second Draw Flame, depending on your strategy (Ours calls or a Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism at this point). Expect to get three Wildfire Sparks in a row once you have done this. Finally, watch your positioning during each Draw Flame, in case you cop some rogue flames up your behind.

Phase Three is once again quite simple. Simply stand behind the boss, as per usual, while trying to put a little distance between yourself and any other melee. Watch your timers and fall in to the designated spot a few seconds before Arcane Velocity is cast. Also be sure to get the hell OUT of there a few seconds before it finishes, so you’re not close to anyone when Arcane Resonance pops up. Nullification Barrier will only be up for every second Arcane Velocity, so don’t forget about your mitigation cooldowns and your delicious Warlock candy.

I’m not sure if this was by sheer fluke or what, but during both our kills (We got him down again last night as well!) I did not have Arcane Resonance cast on me at all. You still want to get out of there though, in case others are slow to move out. Still being stacked when Arcane Resonance comes up is a sure fire wipe.

Reduce HP to zero and make the rogue cry when you win the agility cape…

Not even fancy filters can change the fact that I still suck at kill shots.

Symbiosis Saves The Day

I am terrible for remembering that I have Symbiosis. I will always realise right as the tanks are charging in to pull that I haven’t cast it on anyone, and by that time it is too late and we’re in combat. For the first handful of attempts, I was blindly throwing Symbiosis on our Rogue so I could nab his Redirect; which is great on the Stone Guard but absolutely useless on Feng as there is only one target for the whole fight. My next action is to default to a Death Knight, but instead of Icebound Fortitude I ended up with Death Coil, also kind of useless! Damn, gotta remember that different specs affect what I get — my own spec included! My next choice was our Holy Paladin, and I was delighted to see that in return for Rebirth, I received Divine Shield. That extra survival cool down was amazing, especially while the tanks were still having issues with interrupting Epicenter. Where it really shone for me, though, was during Phase 3′s Arcane Velocity. It was late in the fight, Nullification Barrier was on cooldown and our healers well and truly out of juice. People started dropping like flies, leaving one tank, one healer, our Death Knight and myself. I popped Divine Shield and DPSed like mad, all the while cringing about the inevitable 1% wipe that was incoming. Nope! We managed to survive long enough to kill him! How exhilarating! Thank you, Symbiosis, for saving my furry butt!

In conclusion, switching to DPS was the best thing I have done in a long time. I am really enjoying the new challenges that come with it. I still need to work on my rotation though, because that pesky Rogue just beat me on the DPS charts… :P

Do you have any tips or tricks for your fellow Feral Druids? Are you utilising Symbiosis as much as you could? Is there anything else that us Kitties can do to help out the raid and cement our place as the best class ever? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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