Transmog Tournament

November Transmog Tournament Winner!


It is with great pleasure that I present to you this month’s winner of the Transmog Tournament, Bombelina aka. Prinnie!

Bombelina of WRA is wearing what I call the “Sunny Side Up” Set. Since the only race tracks I could think of were either under water or in the Jade Forest, she went to the next best place – the bar.

Now you may be wondering where the poll is, or indeed the gallery of other entrants. Well, truth is that there were no others. Which is probably for the best, because just look at that picture! The pose, the colours, the scenery; it was all perfect! Congratulations, Prinnie. I shall be in contact shortly to organise your new pet :)

I would also like to thank Lorelei from Zazzy Mogs for agreeing to judge. I’m sorry that there wasn’t actually anything for you to do in the end, but I really did not think my timing for this event through at all. As the lovely Alt:ernative mentioned, most people probably don’t have time for transmogs and it was most likely a bit ambitious of me to run a competition at this time. A girl can dream though I guess!

Ah well, I’m just happy that I can finally give Prinnie a prize, because Bombelina’s entries always crack me up and it’s high time she took home the treasure! Thank you to everyone who retweeted and helped spread the word!


6 thoughts on “November Transmog Tournament Winner!

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    • Aww, I’m on holidays at the moment so I won’t have time to organise any amazing Christmas themed Transmog Tournaments :(

      (I’m also hoping that a nice break from the ‘mog scene may freshen up the competition and get people entering again)

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