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Lylutaya, Luckiest Paladin in the World?

Meet Lylutaya. Originally a Draenei Paladin from The Burning Crusade, she transferred over to Blackrock with me years ago for reasons unknown to me. I dabbled in Protection, enjoying tanking a few easy mode dungeons here and there, but she has never reached level cap during an expansion. Then I created my Relaxed Raid event, and noticed that there were SIX leather agility wearers signed up and a critical shortage of healers, so I decided to make the switch to my never been loved Paladin and try out Holy. It would seem that Karma highly approved of such a noble action, because my goodness has my Paladin had some luck this week!

After this was taken I went and downloaded ElvUI. No more mess!

After this was taken I went and downloaded ElvUI. No more mess!

Epics! Epics Everywhere!

Thanks to a bit of wallet dropping, I got myself to LFR ready fairly quickly. I even managed to squeeze in a Mogu’shan Vaults before reset on Tuesday. In that little adventure I scored boots and a ring. The next day I ran them all again, and this is where it gets crazy. My loot list from last weeks lock out looks like this:

  1. Ring
  2. Ring
  3. Bracers
  4. Neck piece
  5. Gloves
  6. Trinket
  7. Tier Helm token
  8. Oh, and did I mention that a Bind on Equip neck piece also dropped while I was doing dailies?

Never before had gearing up been so easy. In one week I have caught up to my druid, a character that I burned out on trying to gear up. I was ecstatic!

Look at all that purple...

Look at all that purple…

The Ugly Side of Winning

Right as I hit 90 a guild mate told me about the plight of one of our progression raiders. He hasn’t won much loot in LFR, so he put in a ticket to Blizzard. They, of course, politely told him that it’s the nature of RNG and to basically suck it up. This infuriated him, and he went on some rant about how PvE gearing should me more like arena gearing. I got curious and stalked his character had a look at his armory. One piece of reputation valor gear. ONE PIECE IN ALL THIS TIME! MY WEEK OLD PALADIN CAN ALREADY BUY THE VALOR RING! I understand not liking dailies, but um, isn’t valor gear there for exactly this situation? So unlucky folks can still gear up? I mean, it IS basically the same as gearing in arena, since if you cap each week, you will acquire gear at a certain rate. Not to mention all that potential lost loot without Elder Charms of Good Fortune! My brain cannot fathom it. This guy was given a spot on our guild’s progression team over other players who have put in an absolutely phenomenal effort to bring their personal best, yet all he does is bitch and moan about how unfair it all is while he gears alts for PvP.

I’m not proud of it, but every time I won something and he was on, I made a point to gloat. Loudly. Passive aggressive bullshit is sooooo not a hot look on me.

Not relevant. Or is it?

Not relevant. Or is it?


When I won the helm and saw that the other players gear was only a few points in front of me, I made one snarky comment too many in O chat. An officer jumped to his defence, slapping me in the face with a reality check in the process. Just last week I had written about what it means to be casual, and yet here I was dragging someone over the coals for playing how he wants. I guess it comes down to entitlement. He expected a spot on our so-called “elite” team because of his supposed skill, and yet is doing nothing to better his character. The worst part of it all is that people — people who should know better and expect more! — are okay with it all being “Blizzard’s fault”. I expect that attitude from my super casual raiders, and not those who are wanting to push progression.

In the end, I gave that Bind on Equip neck piece to a guildie who was having trouble getting to ilevel 470. Hopefully that will help balance out some of the negative Karma that my behaviour has no doubt brought upon me.

8 thoughts on “Lylutaya, Luckiest Paladin in the World?

  1. It’s even more funny that I know who you are referring to :)

    At least I rage whilst doing my dailies :P …well until recently anyway.

    • Seriously, I hear stuff like this and I completely understand why you quit raiding with them. Half are giving it their all, and the other half *think* they are god’s gift and don’t lift a finger. Argh!

  2. He put in a ticket to Blizzard before contemplating a different gearing strategy than “go go dice”? I imagine it would be pretty difficult not to snark. Yes, everyone can choose to play how they like, but when it doesn’t pay off y’don’t open a ticket about it!

  3. You are totally justified in gloating to said Paladin…

    I armory-ed said Paladin and noticed he’s done Terrace of Endless Spring twice… TWICE, and has only done the other raids a handful of times. If you don’t run LFR you can’t expect loot… if you don’t get coins, you can’t expect loot, if you don’t do dailies for valor you can’t expect epics… if you don’t work for your epics you shouldn’t feel entitled to be on a progression raiding team. You especially should not feel entitled to be raging at tanks when they don’t get things correct the first time because they are learning!

    I should point out that I know a particular person who ran LFR Terrace of Endless Spring 7 times, using every bonus roll in Terrace of Endless Spring… so that makes Terrace of Endless Spring 14 times before winning a single damn thing. So, you can’t expect loot to drop for you when you run it TWICE!

    I’m glad you got lots of epics, everyone deserves good luck occasionally. Now you are doomed to not receive loot for another 7 years :P
    <3 a random person
    who you totally don't know ;)

    • What an interesting thing to say and such wording … it’s like you want to put your name up there :P

      Then again you are a giraffe.

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